Case Study: Zippn

New logo, colors and typography.


Fresh new website for their users and venues.

iOS Application

iPhone and iPad application, for users and venues.


Application Programming Interface (API) between the mobile app and servers.

Zippn Logo Refresh

Amazing what a new coat of paint can do.

Before Surefive

Surefive was provided a great logo from Zippn, but something was missing once we started working with iOS and the new website.

After Surefive

We refreshed the look of the logo to bring in trustworthy colors; blue and green. This new color palette works better for Zippn’s core business, seamless payments.

Rethink what is Possible

Zippn came to us with an idea and a budget, we made it work.

Zippn Flow

User flow diagram for the iOS App.

Zippn for iOS

Available on both the iPhone and iPad.

Seamless Payments

Surefive brought Zippn seamless payments between their users and partner venues.


Everything is done in realtime between the users and venues. No refresh, just works.

Multiple Employees

Orders are streamed to multiple employees, across multiple devices, ready to fulfill the next order.